Elegance of Hand Lettering

Craft of Handmade Letters:

The art of manifesting words onto a handwritten piece of paper with aesthetics is a craft of sheer fascination and has gained huge following in recent years. The most interesting part is that there’s no need to have a beautiful handwriting, it’s a freeform way of playing with letters. Hand Lettering is actually a form of drawing or carving letters instead of drawing them. There are many layouts and designs as to juggle around with letters. If you’re a looking to improve, then go for a lettering for beginners course online for basics and then dwell into advanced versions.

For your First Project:

Elegance of Hand Lettering

To begin, you require just some basic things such as papers, pencil, pen or brush along with eraser. With basics covered, its then time to unleash your creativity on an empty piece of paper via trial and error method.

  • Paper: You may want to have a stack printer papers for sketching and practice and also invest in an inexpensive sketchbook to keep a record of all the designs. Along with this, some premium quality papers for final sketch.
  • Pencil: It’s the medium to try and figure out best possible design and erase out something that’s not working.
  • Pen or Brush: Upon, drawing the initial sketch via a pencil, it’s time to fill it with permanent medium and use various shades to add aesthetic value.

This simple set has you equipped with playing with letters and styling each of them to a different layout. Try as many layouts and designs as possible to learn new styles and choose the right style and develop your own signature style and also learn to customize styles.

  • Boxy Letters
  • Flowing Letters
  • Balloon Letters
  • Cursive Letters

Kick-start Creativity:

Now, once you start with an initial thought, it’s up to your creativity and imagination to sculpt out a phrase. For your first project go for a short phrase which gives you more time to play around and figure out some ideas. Now, it isn’t necessary to use the same styling for all the letters in a word or an entire phrase. You can manipulate and tweak styling for emphasis for each letter or word to make it stand out. Some digital tools people are Adobe Illustrator and Watercolour painting.

  • Once ready, select a short phrase and spend ample of time in planning and trying out different options and variations. If any help required, feel free to look for online classes for Lettering for Beginners.
  • Play with layout, styling of each word in trial and record them.
  • Once planned, design your sketch on the final sheet with pencil.
  • Next, choose wisely about the shades you want to sculpt and ploy with pen or brushes but be careful as this is a permanent medium.
  • Hence your beautiful sketch is ready.

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