Time as a student is like an egg waiting to hatch. Every student must ensure that when they come to hatch they deal with their emergence with extreme care and intelligence. The steps you are taking are your pathways for your career in the future.

But questions arise, how should students prepare and present themselves? What preparatory steps should you take; how to think; how to execute plans? Career guidance is crucial at this stage. To be realistic, financial solvency and performing the expected service are the main goals of a successful career.

  1. Hatch a Dream John Lennon said: “You may say, I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one.” So, you should be a dreamer first while you are a student. You should hatch your dream carefully to get into the act. It is more or less like setting a goal. Sometimes it can be renamed as “passion”: a passion to get the thing you desire. Passion doesn’t cost money or labor. Be passionate about your career.
  2. Work hard Einstein said “There is only one percent talent, the remaining portion is hard work”. Whether you are student or are employed, you should work hard and sincerely. Hard working people are appreciated everywhere, in every field. As a student, you should be in the good books of your teacher, showing that you intend to perform well. Guidance for your career comes largely from grades in. If you achieve good grades, you will be sought after. So always pursue your career with hard work and sincerity.
  3. Extra-Curricular Activities. Extra-curricular activities are perhaps the most essential issues when you are being evaluated for your social skills. Always get involved actively in areas. Extra-curricular activities increase your skills of interaction and analytic ability, and they burnish your social skills. Your experience on the school wall or school magazine publication or anchoring the annual cultural program is experience which will last you a lifetime.
  4. Role Modeling modelling is also important in your career. We all have our idols or mentors: select the person or individual you follow most. Model yourself on him or her. Choose their best qualities and try to internalize them. Preparing yourself to be an excellent student is not simply aphasia to pass through, it’s a period to prepare for the next level, to model yourself for upcoming events. That’s why career guidance is very important.
  5. Consulting Experience is something money can’t buy. Students should consult people who have experience of a career, they are the people you should learn from, they are the people you should talk. Students should share their ideas and thoughts with them. Not talking and not sharing can make a student appear foolish as they progress.
  6. Avoiding Derailing People suffer from indecision, they change their thoughts and goals several times:  this is a huge obstacle in career building: sticking to your plan is determination, never giving up hope is another way of putting it.  Students get frustrated sometimes while listening to others’ plans and programs and get nervous seeing others’ early success or financial success.

But there is one thing to remember: there is no shortcut to success. So, be passionate about your career and guide your career up to the winning post.

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